By zanewill

an unspoken hysteria & malign settles
comfortably amidst
the back-drop of a once civilized
now in rapid free-fall decline
rape & brutal annihalation of the individual
truth & justice replaced
with government lies
political propaganda
mass complacency
medical corporate corruption
tainted foods
killer pharmaceuticals
proclaimed with perverted falsehoods
designed for panacide
digital communication
media expedia
piracy of human rights
the un-stoppable mighty king
red ruler of democracy
murderer of our legacy
get ready for battle
broadcasting on every channel
follow the twisted Tsar
hiding beneath putrid eschar
spawning sphincter alcolytes
proclaiming what is right
camphor chancellor
babbler prince
captain cracker
calamity captor

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© 2007 zanewill
Published on Friday, January 26, 2007.     Filed under: "Political" and "Poetry"
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Comments on "Brutal"

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  • A former member wrote: It hyped me up...

  • A former member wrote: brilliant, simply fucking brilliant, agree with sinisterbaptizm, epic.

  • A former member wrote: hah fucking sweet write. The epitome of our current leadership. Well spoken

  • DoctorAsh On Sunday, February 18, 2007, DoctorAsh (389)By person wrote:

    Very fluffy piece - Let us agree. Let us also agree to let them prepare us for a very long life of utter uncertainty - certianly, on a social and individual level - With this piece I love you. And flutes deserve nothing from us but boot chips.

  • Mahakala On Monday, February 19, 2007, Mahakala (209)By person wrote:

    ?Fluffy? heh.. I like that...

  • A former member wrote: Sound like our government.. nicely written the flow it has is delightful impressing

  • Disassembly Boy On Wednesday, February 14, 2007, Disassembly Boy (63)By person wrote:

    Usually I dont even bother with works that are soooo intricate with words.. but this was very good and very capturing.. I'm impressed.

  • frileyma On Monday, February 12, 2007, frileyma (11)By person wrote:

    I read this through and I realized it is best read aloud. When I did that, the tempo just kept increasing....angry, accusing, mocking. Very well done.

  • soul dancer On Friday, January 26, 2007, soul dancer (97)By person wrote:

    This piece was brutal!! What a lovely way you have with large words. I liked it.

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