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Poetry 2012-01-17Broadway
Poetry (Love)2012-01-11Because I Do
Poetry 2011-12-24When Suicide is not an Option
Other 2011-12-22Cutting - The Devil's Advocate
Poetry 2011-12-20Three
Poetry 2011-12-20Road to Hell
Poetry (Love)2011-08-04For{N}ever
Poetry 2011-07-01My Mural
Poetry 2011-07-01scilatI
Poetry 2009-04-30Fatal Attraction
Poetry 2005-02-06(If Only I) Could Do More
Poetry 2004-02-27Bullets, people, presidents, and me.
Poetry 2003-10-23a boy [a story]
Poetry 2003-10-10elder in infancy
Poetry 2003-03-28Love is...
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