Comments by DarkDruidess

  • "Lovely little capsule in time...with hard to explain emotions explained...nice...just constructively I think "bloodened" should be bloodied...but I could be wrong..."
    Posted by DarkDruidess on "Goodnight, Goodbye? " by DaPurg3
  • "At first I got the feeling of "oh no"...shhh it's my secret...then I started wondering...wonderful writing here..."
    Posted by DarkDruidess on "Love is" by BetaWolfinVA
  • "There are some turn of phrases here that I will remember for a while...nicely done."
    Posted by DarkDruidess on "Tides" by Phalanx
  • "Sometimes the most intense hatred is reserved for those very close to us...I like this...."
    Posted by DarkDruidess on "Cain" by Ipson
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