Comments by Drea

  • "There's that lyrical style I love so much. The gravity of this is vast. There's a quietness here that I deeply enjoyed. "
    Posted by Drea on "Paper Moons" by molock
  • "After I read your work I always end up longing to hear it sung. Just an acoustic guitar and a lone voice... I end up reading your work a few times before I comment for that reason alone. No matter how much sorrow I felt from this, it has that silver lining. The visuals alone make this worth it. Reading this just felt good. "
    Posted by Drea on "Nimrods baby" by molock
  • "This was sweet. I needed to read something like this tonight. Those last few lines made me smile. "
    Posted by Drea on "Wishing Well" by molock
  • "I can hear this power ballad. It's such a heartbreaking lyrical write. Love it. "
    Posted by Drea on "will you" by molock
  • "Mo, reading this hurt. I found myself humming this as I read it. Well written. "
    Posted by Drea on "Losin' you" by molock
  • "I'll never tire of the lyrical way you write. That opening stanza says it all. "
    Posted by Drea on "shadow flag" by molock
  • "I've missed your words. Missed the lyrical way you write. This was hopeful, but it also breaks my heart. Write on. Hopefully it helps, sir. "
    Posted by Drea on "The Broken Day" by molock
  • "Nothing can fix that kind of pain. It just runs its course. I love the way you describe it. You have a way with words. "
    Posted by Drea on "Shallow water" by molock
  • "I'm about to finish Mass Effect Andromeda and this just hit all the warm and fuzzies. I can't get enough of your style. "
    Posted by Drea on "A point above zero" by molock
  • "This one hit me right in that tender spot. That spot that I keep hidden. You and you're lyrical writes. Write on!"
    Posted by Drea on "Bed of roses" by molock
  • "Why are you so good? Seriously. The way you write just has such a musical feel to it. I will always been a fan. This is so beautiful. So much respect. "
    Posted by Drea on "stars fell like rain" by molock
  • "Your imagery and lyrical way of writing has always impressed me. This ebbed and flowed. It was so soothing but spot on. Always a treat to read your words. "
    Posted by Drea on "M00n matrix" by molock
  • "I agree with Kaiser, this has a song vibe to it. I love the way you tied all of it together with the "Creep...." and "Sleep...." "
    Posted by Drea on "Splinter" by molock
  • "Love is painful. It causes some of the worst pain, but we hold on. We try and try. This hurt. I'm sorry you had to feel this. "
    Posted by Drea on "Cumbersome disguise" by molock
  • "This truly would make a great song. I got this feel good song vibe. I agree with Kaiser this would sound great played with an acoustic guitar. Write on. "
    Posted by Drea on "Last call for Memphis" by molock
  • "This made me smile. It's so sweet and the flow was very well done. So lovely. "
    Posted by Drea on "why me?" by molock
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