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Sit back relax, because things are going to get haiku heavy.

Thank you to my friend who graciously invited me with open arms into the words they so beautifully write

I suppose I was always seeking a comforting void to speak my words into

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Poetry (Haiku)2022-06-15Haiku Heavy (1)
Poetry (Haiku)2022-06-28What if what if what if
Poetry (Personal)2022-07-07Oscillating Fan
Poetry 2022-07-27Self Love
Poetry 2022-08-02Alone Ocean
Poetry 2022-08-20Going for Gold
Poetry (Ironic)2022-12-28In the Hallway Closet
Poetry 2023-01-05St. Something
Poetry 2023-05-17Casual Rage
Poetry 2023-06-14Joie de vivre
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