Joie de vivre

By Kovine

Like two sides of the same coin 
Pain manifests as recklessness 
Because the story is more valuable 

On the other side of that coin 
Is giving love 
To anyone that will take it 

Recklessness alright. 

Both cups are half full 
But one has dirt and mold and muck floating on the surface 
And at least the other one has some water

A snake eating it’s own tail
Eyes with out a face 
Catch 22 

There is no good choice 
If you choose to quit
You’re insane

But should the bell keep tolling 
There is bound to be cracks

Option one is Kintsugi
Option two is a replica

It all amounts to planned obsolescence 
Replace and repeat
The pain will always need to be carried 

Heavy and awkwardly shaped
Inconvenient like making one trip when you should have made two 

Heads or tails? 

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Copyright 2023 Kovine
Published on Wednesday, June 14, 2023.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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