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Poetry (Depressed)2012-06-02My Sweet Misery
Poetry (Personal)2012-06-05LUNACY
Poetry (Reflective)2012-06-10Light Bearer
Poetry 2012-10-07Soul Shake
Poetry 2012-10-07Fragile
Poetry 2012-10-07Stay with me...
Poetry 2012-10-07Work to be Done.
Poetry 2012-10-07Wicked Thoughts
Poetry 2012-10-07Obsessed
Poetry 2012-10-07More than expected...
Poetry 2012-10-07Seppuku
Poetry 2012-10-07Love, Your Slave
Poetry 2012-10-07Abducted
Poetry 2012-10-07Gargoyle
Poetry 2012-10-11What's the Score?
Poetry (Depressed)2013-03-18Truth I Seek
Poetry (Reflective)2013-04-11Past, Present, and Future Me.
Poetry (Horror)2013-04-27Barghest
Poetry 2013-12-02essence
Poetry 2013-12-02mortal life
Poetry (Spiritual)2013-12-02the end cares not
Poetry (Rage)2013-12-02self on a shelf
Poetry 2013-12-02Untitled
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