...Let it go

By SolApathy


Let it go
Don't go
Take a moment to forsee what leaving will do to me
Twisted into false beliefs are the thoughts that never should be
Torturing me
Here in the now--You don't even know
How far I will decend--I won't try to contend
As the burdens of my beliefs leave nothing more than empty sheets 
Should I have prayed, though I don't believe in those ways?  
No other choice but to contemplate if my own thoughts sealed your fate
No second chances as I await the date of your wake
Perhaps I am to blame
Perhaps these thoughts are insane
Never to know if making some other choice would have stopped you from letting go
Never is the consequence as it begins to rain, winds starting to blow
Do I hear your whisper upon this wind?
Do I hear you whisper not to give in?
Treading upon these thoughts is a dangerous game
In the end though, who else is there to blame?


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© 2020 SolApathy
Published on Monday, August 3, 2020.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

...I drift upon a breeze until it stopped and I fell to the darkness of your disease
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