...Revelations of the Lost

By SolApathy


Beyond logical thoughts of heart and mind
Are deep-seated fears of a past I can’t leave behind
Burrowed in sinister fissures are thoughts of you
I know you’re long gone but that can’t get through
I’ve written a thousand senseless thoughts
Staining Dark Poetry’s halls of memories wrought
You ask what in life I fear?
I fear every breath I take
Another opportunity to make a mistake
The fear of the words raked across my skin
Whipping my self-worth, again
You found my words absurd
Speaking of the twisted demons I’ve heard
I am overwhelmed by the shadow my mind casts
Burdened by the thought of how long the fear will last
Juxtapositions of daylight and fear—Smiles and tears
Leather belt satires written across my back
Knowing you should be gone but the words written
Forever strong
Have you found my fear hidden within these lines?
Perhaps you should read between—We have some time
It wasn’t the belt of leather that tethers me to fear
I know you are in my eyes—Screaming to get out
The pills mute you —And yet I feel you here
Look within as you crawl under my skin
Burrow within
Hear my trepidation echo in our eyes
You are my disguise
Today you stopped taking the pills
Opened your eyes
Looked in the mirror—Obscene
I am all these dark self-centric dreams
Feel the fear as it grows my dear
You are just a guest here
Burrowed within a psyche of layered realities
For a moment the sun shone—thru
Set light to a long-lost fight
You whipped our back to bring the pain
--For a moment to peek through the veil of one once sane
Drop the belt and crawl back inside
Take the pills and hide
You are just along for the ride
Long ago the pills helped me turn the tide...

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Copyright 2019 SolApathy
Published on Wednesday, March 6, 2019.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

I am the taskmaster of your screams--Suffocating you with your own dreams...
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