...Pyres of the Forsaken

By SolApathy

Would you suffer unto me
Break under the sorrow of my disease?
~Know me broken by my master~
I become the chaos of foretold disaster
In my hand I hold
Fate of those far too bold
Dare to rise above your stature
I become your rapture
Smile of sinful sorrows
I let you gaze upon your tomorrow
Tortured and bound
I create a symphony from your hallowed sounds
Screams accentuate the fiddle I play
Burning you of the blasphemy you portray
Wicked is the pride of one burned alive
New-found faith --contrived
Watch upon my sanctified pyre
As I cleanse you of your petty desire
I sneer deceitfully as you will never know
I am the false God of futures never told

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© 2020 SolApathy
Published on Saturday, November 18, 2017.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

...Into the fire of those of deceptive desires--I will question even as I burn upon the pyre
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  • A former member wrote: Only I need you. Just, Wow. I think that is about alls I can say about this, darlin'. Rebs:).

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