...Radiance of a blood spattered dream

By SolApathy

A song for the mood of a desire, once deep, only now the blood begins to seep
Dreams in the daylight
 The reality I try so desperately to fight
Eyes closed beneath the boiling sun
In the blazing darkness—Still I see the gun
Memories of the seconds in which I was betrayed
Curse me in the eternity of the hell in which I stay
I play with the thoughts of bullets to blaze--
Through my memories to clear this agonizing haze
The finality of an end of one too many days
Reality plays a song to the cadence of my dark radiance
A stance in the fate of one final dance
Romance of a dream that is destined to die
Burns in the final thoughts behind hidden cries
I feel the flick of the safety as harmony is to subside
Too many sufferings untold
Break me free of this vacuum that has taken hold
My resolute façade in the world crumbles as I unfold
Free of the tyranny of peer reflection
I become the focal point of my own darkest contemplation
Cannibalizing my desires to feed this dying fire
Terrified of the darkness in the realization of fate’s ire
Pull the trigger my soul screams
Will my finger betray my mortality?
Don’t’ dare to wake afraid -- anymore
Become the darkness infecting those, around
Will my finger betray the ember trying to survive?
Ashes of my life flash in a storm
In the trigger--I find my salvation
into the epiphany of instinctual dreams
A smile does my blood welling


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Published on Monday, July 24, 2017.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

...Dire in the dream to silence my internal screams...
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