Waiting for nightfall

By terris crimson

dusk draws nearer,
my heartbeat accelerates its pace,
I am once again pacing in the shadows of the room,
avoiding any place of light,
the sun once a beacon beckoning me to it,
has now become my worst enemy,
tha-thump-tha-thump-tha-thump goes my heart,
in its infinate race for the night time,
the dark ascends,
the night advances,
provoking the sunset,
and I approach it with an impulsive rush,
the sun now plunders just below the horizon,
the light retreats,
slowly, almost relentlessly,
my senses enhance,
the room is now thankfully vacant of light,
and now I simply shudder and let the sensation set in,
I savor every minute of it,
my nocturnal bliss,
turning only to instinct,
my beautiful chaos,
my triumphant and glorious agony,
to slip into a primal state,
it always happens this marvel of an event,
like clockwork,
and I enjoy it,
and I must suffer each day,
awaiting until nightfall.

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Copyright 2013 terris crimson
Published on Wednesday, October 9, 2013.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "Waiting for nightfall"

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  • andshewasahurricane On Wednesday, October 9, 2013, andshewasahurricane (28)By person wrote:

    This reminds me of a book series I read where for one hour every night at midnight certain people have the hour to themselves. "I must suffer each day, awaiting until nightfall" Yea I know this. The energy is sucked out of me during the day and I can barely function, but when nightfall comes I am so alive. Great write!

  • A former member wrote: I enjoyed it, i'm a night owl myself, very vampiresc. It's a good poem. Keep on writing! Take care.

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