For these hands have held a lot of things, but by far the best is you

Antaya's Works

Poetry (Love)2011-06-12tears left unseen
Poetry (Horror)2013-06-20Poison
Poetry (Personal)2013-06-24Maybe it's the right thing to do.
Poetry (Personal)2013-08-01Hallucinogenics
Poetry (Reflective)2015-03-17Cryptic Mischief
Poetry (Philosophical)2015-03-18Returning the favor
Poetry 2015-03-21Alone
Poetry (Personal)2015-03-29Destination Salvation
Poetry 2015-04-21Monsters
Poetry 2015-05-16Madness
Poetry (Personal)2011-08-08A friend unknown
Poetry (Personal)2011-08-27Where is the monster?
Poetry (Reflective)2013-05-31I try to kill her. Every night.
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