The Idiot & LSD

By Lab Rat

I don't write poetry

I am chemically engineered
acid trip head spin mentality
Sunken lunacy after sanity torpedo hit
Syntax in errors and prose in disarray

I'm no poet
Made of mud, spit, and cum

Its bleeding, its venting
This is coming undone, how it seems
This is my DNA, flowers plastered to screens
This needing to scream, its unrelenting
Pulling away at the seams

I am Destiny, the Idiot
Addict with a pen and a slip of toilet paper
Spreading my filthy, broken wings
The angel falling earth's way
Comet crawling disaster

The same tired rhymes, the same cliché

Pedestrians walking all the same way, heads down
Eyes blasé, I see nothing
My brow is crumbled beneath the weight of my crown

I'm a legend, i'm forever
Reverent revenge pent up for ten years
and then some
The gates spill, flooding the tranquil
I am supernatural, the father
the mother land trapped
I am terrestrial, boot steps taking me to kingdom come

In my eyes
The world bathes crimson red
I could be the devil

I could be more than dread
If I could look over my shoulder
If I could hear them coming
If my head were on a swivel

My eyes could see the dawning
But they're closed, and I'm running out of steam
Late in my years, long in the tooth
Sledge hammers in my ears
Ringing nothing but useless truth

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Copyright 2016 Lab Rat
Published on Wednesday, February 3, 2016.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "The Idiot & LSD"

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  • drasticdaydreams On Sunday, February 7, 2016, drasticdaydreams (79)By person wrote:

    Woah. The movement of these words.. frenzied just as expatriate said. Crazy how it works, builds. Doesn't seem to follow any pattern.. just works. Very well written, very powerful piece, frightening.

  • expatriate On Thursday, February 4, 2016, expatriate (121)By person wrote:

    This was almost a frenzied read, driven by the pulse of the work itself into a headlong dive into abstractions alien to the less experienced mind. A delightful exploration in a work very well done.

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