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Poetry 2004-03-20"you"
Poetry 2004-03-20memory
Poetry 2004-03-20my love
Poetry 2004-03-21to know you dont love me
Poetry 2004-03-23simple stroke
Poetry 2004-03-24~till the hounds of hell~
Poetry 2004-03-25unloved child
Poetry 2004-03-29"life"
Poetry 2004-03-30freeze time....
Poetry 2004-06-23kill her
Poetry 2004-07-10dark angel
Poetry 2004-09-10fragile angel (with aegis)
Poetry 2004-11-03Again
Other 2004-11-10"Fallen Angels" *with munkey*
Poetry 2004-11-10where "Fallen Angels" originated
Poetry 2004-11-10-live within you-
Poetry 2004-11-20slowly killing me
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