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"She dealt her pretty words like blades..."--emily dickinson

Does my pain cause me to write, or is my pain caused by my need to write?

I have ghost hiding in the corners of my room, watching, waiting, plotting against me.
Please stop the screaming in the back of my mind, I can't hear anything else

Any works posted lately are completely off hand freewrites and are pretty much not edited at all.

Where else to find my work album reviews album reviews and interview website, live metal concert photo's, interviews Horror Anthology ebook, "She Isn't Real"

SalemLex's Works

Poetry 2003-07-25Dreams
Poetry 2003-08-11Blinded
Poetry 2003-08-13My Disease
Poetry 2003-09-15The Fear
Poetry (Reflective)2007-02-04The guilt I feel
Poetry (Love)2007-03-06Liar
Poetry 2007-05-14Deserted
Poetry (Love)2007-05-23ONE
Poetry 2007-06-18The Pleasure of Pain
Poetry 2007-06-25Empty Bed
Poetry (Love)2008-07-15Forgotten
Poetry 2009-04-01Disruption
Poetry (Depressed)2009-04-11Hoping for an end
Poetry 2009-04-13hiding
Poetry (Erotica)2009-04-24Chained and Whipped
Poetry 2009-05-25paranoid
Poetry (Comedy)2009-07-31Should I
Poetry 2009-10-26My Youth
Poetry 2010-02-13Addiction
Poetry (Adult)2010-08-07Is it worth the pain ( need suggestions)
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