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Cafe et Creme
Making Love In The Rain
Moonlight River
Prayer For Despair


When will this end? My longing sings to me in suicide notes, slowly ripping me to eternity..

So I'm in love...

You can also find me at...

AIM: ShOrT n CuTe770

Yahoo: missin_kansas


Myspace (I never update but i have it..):



@08:49:46Magic Hatter said
ha ha -you mad-assed muppet that s great -you make me laugh all over - you're a good tonic to have around nutty Georgian lady

lmao i love you Rupe m'dear. howls to you!

A few lil facts about me..

? I am 22
? I have no direction in life
? I have Lived, Died, and been Reborn
? I am told I make a great friend
? I have no control over my mood swings
? I will tell you what I think
? I will not TRY to be a friend. I will BE one
? I am naive and accept it
? I will only be myself at all times
? I will listen and do my best to help
? I love beauty in its rawest forms
? I appreciate the little things
? I love
? I hate
? I am an Aquarius through and through
? I am a Levian Satanist. (no, i dont worship the devil. ask about it if you dont know what it is.)
? I abhor outright stupidity
? Even more when it is repeatedly done


Fields of phoenix flowers you ask...?

Only for you.

Where rainbows catch their own prisms of life-long light and tears are broken with a star's kiss upon an angel's glow.

We are one.
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