Losing Myself Within You

By JiNx

I lose myself within those eyes
Can't stand the distance alone
Your slowly penetrating my disguise
This soul was once unknown
You've punctured what was once a shield
Seeing this so called beauty within
In your eyes my heart is sealed
Holding me close you pull me in
There's a gentleness about you as you look upon me
My minds becoming a clutter
and in my hands your heart and soul held delicately
Hearing every word you mutter
In silence I pray you'll always be near
Whispering softly you'll never let go
Saving me from my childhood fear
No longer just an unknown foe
Because you've entered my mind
and seen all there is to tell
Telling me you love me as our hands entwined
You've saved me from this sacred hell
You know my past and present
So tell me my future
Can you tell me what your thoughts are meant
Holding me closer you give my life some closure
Trying to configure my conclusion
Waiting for these feelings to subdue
Praying I don't get lost in this disillusion
Falling more and more in love with you

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Copyright 2005 Jessie Nicole
Published on Tuesday, July 5, 2005.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "Losing Myself Within You"

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  • explain my sorrow On Monday, June 19, 2006, explain my sorrow (3)By person wrote:

    good work and so much feeling i guess that you're in love that really very nice to explain im glad for you Jinx

  • monalisamarie On Saturday, March 25, 2006, monalisamarie (115)By person wrote:

    Wow. Very nice. This is one of your best.

  • Nesfurata On Tuesday, July 19, 2005, Nesfurata (58)By person wrote:

    That is very beautiful, true love has a way of expressing its self in wonderful ways. Ironically no amount of love has ever given me the ability to write like that. Great job - Elizabeth

  • K_Love On Saturday, July 16, 2005, K_Love (529)By person wrote:

    Glad to see you write something again Jinx! This was beautiful with so much grace and feelings put into it. The flow was wonderful, everything was perfect.

  • Elise On Thursday, July 7, 2005, Elise (197)By person wrote:

    Written with such love, expressed those feelings so perfectly. I'm happy that you're this happy and hope it brings you happiness from now on, and a reason to write.

  • Philla On Thursday, July 7, 2005, Philla (96)By person wrote:

    OMFG I LOVE IT!!! Wonderful flow and such beautiful wording. I love your works and I love you! Lotsa love, -*Philla*-

  • Forgotten Angel On Tuesday, July 5, 2005, Forgotten Angel (310)By person wrote:

    yay! no more writers block for my Siss..and im glad you're finally letting your feelings in..you cant be unattatched 2 someone, yet love them completely..i love you sis..nice, beautiful write -Kel

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