Up In Flames

By Dommi

I'm losing faith
It's fading fast
You lied again
Like in the past

I started the fire
To engulf your soul
To make you pure
To make you fold

I watched the flames
Lap up your dirt
All your intentions
Of making me hurt

I could smell your hair
Burn from your head
Those strands of passion
Now long-since dead

It began to rain
The fire had died
I gathered myself
And stepped inside

All of the furniture
Just weak black frames
The photos and memories
Reduced to names

I found your room
Where we had been
So many times
I let you in

And there you lay
Down on the floor
From your last attempts
To open the door

But I was smart
I locked you in
I wanted to cleanse you
To try again

I knelt down close
And cradled you gently
Your charred, raw, body
Without eyes to see me

I touched your cheek
And trailed down your chest
Your ribs burst open
You stirred with unrest

The light poured out
From within your heart
I watched you spasm
And fall apart

The you that I knew
Had shed his skin
The tears filled my eyes
When you looked in them

You said you were sorry
For all that you've done
For all that you said
To make it all wrong

Like when we had yelled
And I drove out of sight
You kept calling my phone
And I crashed that night

I was still alive
But needed help
I couldn't breathe
I couldn't yell

I couldn't stop bleeding
I tried not to cry
You didn't answer my calls
I was starting to die

In the rain and my blood
Glass stuck all over
My lungs had been pierced
I choked on the closure

After a moment
I stood up and stared
I looked at myself
And you weren't there

I went to my car
And dug out my matches
I ran to your house
To heal all our gashes

You couldn't see me
But you felt my breath
A weeping energy
As I kissed your head

I locked your doors
And turned on the oven
Threw down the match
And watched the blaze you went up in

But now we're together
You embraced me and cried
The air was still warm
The night two lovers had died

Unauthorized Copying Is Prohibited. Ask the author first.
Copyright 2004 Dommi Of Baphomet
Published on Friday, June 11, 2004.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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  • ANGELSLAYER On Tuesday, March 2, 2010, ANGELSLAYER (118)By person wrote:

    stunning in it's delicious imagery of the macabre.

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