your nightmare, my dreams

By Bloodofdeadpoets

I dare you to look through my eyes and for a second see what I see
Your nightmare equal my dreams welcome to my reality
You wake in cold sweats from the images that haunt you so
But I am trapped in a place where your mind wont dare to go
So will you walk with me for a while I ask please will you
I’ll show you a battered and tormented soul and all it has been through
I’m so broken down now but still left with this eternal pain
My hand extends to you to offer you just a taste of the strain
I can’t help but smile as your mind and body struggle to maintain
As I withdraw from you stopping you a few steps from going insane
And now you see how it feels to be in a world of eternal strife
Where your worst nightmares are the highlights of my everyday life

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© 2007 Bloodofdeadpoets
Published on Saturday, August 11, 2007.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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  • Distorted_Reality On Saturday, January 12, 2008, Distorted_Reality (102)By person wrote:

    but strife does rhyme with life lol sometimes I don't understand peoples comments ha, but this I feel was a pretty good write I always see my self coming to your site in times I feel the need to read :) I do hope you keep writing I see you haven't been posting for a while :(....I wish to here more =0

  • A former member wrote: despite the fact you rhymed strife with life, this does show promise

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