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"Truths are illusions, about which one has forgotten that this is what they are" --Friedrich Nietzsche

"Holla! Aint no stoppin' me
Copywritten so, don't copy me
Y'all do it, sloppily
And y'all cant come, close to me" --Missy Elliot

Profile Painting: An American neon Geisha by ~melvnbow

Northstar's Works

Poetry (Love)2012-11-26my world burns to ash
Poetry (Love)2009-06-14How Wide The Sky
Poetry 2005-05-11tracks
Poetry 2005-04-19slipping through my fingers
Poetry 2004-08-23Politics
Poetry 2004-08-15Syncope
Poetry 2004-07-30Famine
Poetry 2004-07-27Kaleidoscope
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