• "An offer to consider, that is really nice of you :). I have tried a few of the things you listed there and some do really help (spec meditation). Oh how very Jungian on point your comment is hehe. Cheers!"
    Posted by LIFEINVADER on "Resplandor" by LIFEINVADER
  • "When overwhelmed contemplating the idea of change or letting go, I guess one feels the urge to try and believe in something greater than everything, it's really hard to even grasp the idea there is anything else... but if not, why this then? Thank you for the read."
    Posted by LIFEINVADER on "Resplandor" by LIFEINVADER
  • "It saddens me that this is such a common feeling among people, I'm glad you liked the read and your input despite this tought. Cheers."
    Posted by LIFEINVADER on "Cuckoo's plea" by LIFEINVADER
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