Life and existence is a crazy thing . The very fabric of our reality. Is a Oxymoron at best. Simply put the Experince of life is the most beautifully kind loving but at the same time the most evil hurtful ugly thing all at the same time.

See I know everything I went through good or ugly. Only made me who I am now. See life isn't easy but we can make it easier by tweaking our perception .

See I'm greatfull for my distorted dark twisted pescpetion . which i belive was installed and planned by stragtically place trauma, lost battles , and experiences . which dvloped my winning mindset see its not what happens to us its how we react. See Devine leadership skill and leaders are born from survival

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Poetry 2019-03-03What AM I
Poetry (Personal)2019-03-01Darkness loves us all
Poetry (Spiritual)2019-03-01Something a Little light
Poetry (Reflective)2019-03-01This Love
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