Indulging in Emotions

By Cattarax

How do you make promises
When they are meant to be broken 

The lyrical madness that plays in my mind 
Searching for words to describe you in completion
Is symphonic

I fail, like so many times before 

Cliches adorned with love 
Are a pale comparison 

Because it is not exactly love 

Not exactly lust 

Need & Desire 
Are so much more complex

 A simple soft spoken phone call 
Is divine to the grotesque 
Like forehead kisses to the detached
A simple promise...
"I wont indulge in emotions..."
When I am lost in feeling
... Is unfair...
Though, I am lacking 
Adequate words 
To dress you lavishly with 
Something deeper then real 

More than true

When you hear my name...
Do you think silently, she is mine...
Secrets atrophy love...

Or so I used to think...
The silence in unannounced titles
Could be the answer to forevers question

Love isn't sufficient

For what I seek from you
Cant only be found 
Inside such a simplistic word
I need...
A no matter what ...
When my head torpedoes through tornadoes
A shard collector 
For when I detonate the self destructor 

I need... 
Trust & Loyalty 
I have quelled my demons
To the point only I can hear them whisper...
Unfortunately at times I lack the correct translation 

Need an on call confessional 
Trusted enough to endure its penance 


Secrets only atrophy love 
When held between lovers

I desire... 
To be the last lips you taste
An ear whisper.ed fairytale 
Devotion & Dedication 

I desire...
All the tomorrows...
To be without question or doubt 
If we will always be us

 I desire...
A communication beyond words
As finding the correct ones
Is enticingly volatile

But you said...
I'll have you now...
& of course again
Till I don't 

Then I'll let you know

It's been a long time...
Since I thought someone irreplaceable...
I could never go back to just friends...

I hope this doesn't hurt....




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Copyright 2021 Cattarax
Published on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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  • I IS ME On Sunday, January 24, 2021, I IS ME (458)By person wrote:

    You can't undo the done, tight work Lady

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