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a dreamer an idealistic senic, a niave girl living a watchful life. fighting her blood yet bound by birthrite. searching for an answer to a question not known. she shifts with the moon, anamorphic ability to adapt. her thoughts are her own, no one to truly know. her fear touches all she is, shaping who she will become. preordained for perdition, no salvation. her mind flies from day to night, always losing her way in the dark. a dreamer whos sad spirit is more at home in twilight then sunlight. safe in a veil of insecurity and self doubt. blind eyes look inward but closed doors hide the truth. she is alone, trapped by her betrayal. she is the damned

tinkdarkchyld's Works

Rant (Personal)2009-05-30Bittersweet Goodbye
Poetry (Reflective)2009-05-30the Shining Yen and the Alluring Yang
Poetry (Love)2009-05-31the Death of a Dream
Poetry (Love)2009-05-31a Simple Seduction
Poetry (Personal)2009-05-31a Hazy Dream
Poetry (Love)2009-06-22Soft
Poetry 2009-06-22at a loss
Poetry (Tribute)2009-06-22the Loop of Life
Poetry (Horror)2009-06-24the Old One, the Nameless Fear
Poetry (Tribute)2009-06-24Today
Poetry (Tribute)2009-06-24MMMMMMM
Poetry (Depressed)2009-06-24the End
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2009-06-24a Plea
Poetry 2009-06-24the Shadow Men
Poetry (Reflective)2009-06-24a Hush
Rant (Personal)2009-06-25Ring .....Ring.....Please
Journal (Love)2009-06-25For the Spring
Poetry (Depressed)2009-06-27Last Flight of the Forgotten
Poetry (Personal)2009-06-27Alone But Not Lost
Poetry (Personal)2009-06-28Pixie Waits
Journal (Personal)2009-07-24tap tap troll
Poetry (Personal)2009-07-30The One Beneath
Poetry (Love)2010-02-28The Treat's Temptation
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