By mywristshurt

Put paint on a picture
And realize that's not the color you want.
So paint it over
And it goes black.
Drench my heart in blood
And hang it up to dry.
Now you want to bleach it.
Its poisoned and white
So you give it back.
Write a melody
Then sing the song.
A minute later
It's all wrong.
So write it over
With different words.
But the tune is horrible
Because it doesn't go with the verse.
Draw a smile
But after a while
The markings look dull and worn out.
You try to retrace
But look at that face.
Screwed up worse than it was.

So put the picture on my heart,
The song is what it means.
Give me that face
But please don't retrace...
I'd like the circles to stay.

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© 2006 CrumbledRosePetals
Published on Thursday, July 13, 2006.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "Circle"

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  • mywristshurt On Saturday, July 29, 2006, mywristshurt (411)By person wrote:

    when i was writing this, i was doing it because i was bored.. i never thought that people would take this poem seriously, i only put this up here because a lot of my old friends said it was cool.. thanks for the comments

  • A former member wrote: we all make mistakes and thats what makes us human... nothing more. ~allie, the blackest rose

  • A former member wrote: sometimes life just feels like a hundred revisions, and each one for the worse... it was a good piece, from subject to rhyme and tone, I like the feeling it left me with, of just wanting to live with things the way they are

  • blake On Thursday, July 13, 2006, blake (33)By person wrote:

    this was unique, not sure if the rhyme scheme made it effective, but the point was remarkable.

  • Fading_Smile On Thursday, July 13, 2006, Fading_Smile (29)By person wrote:

    when nothing comes out the way you want it to, trying to fix things only makes them worse, when there is nothing you can do. thank you for the comments, your amazing. i really like this one.

  • A former member wrote: i liked this, to me it seemed like a big metaphor for searching for love finding it, but then realizing tis not what you thought, so you try again...thats what i got from it...~~GAP~~

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