• "Thanks Natalie, we seem to always comment back and forth briefly on sept, near our birthdays, it's fine we have broken that rule this time, thanks for the support!"
    Posted by LIFEINVADER on "Adieu" by LIFEINVADER
  • "I like the insight behind this, a cool catharsis and interpretation about love, pretty much as Bukowski suggested in the piece you quoted. It was kind of nice to revisit him for me, too, since he is one of my favourite writers, and I hadn't read any of his work in a long time. Cheers."
    Posted by LIFEINVADER on "Without exception" by Massini Red
  • "Didn't see this back then, happy belated birthday to you too!, our season is over anyways, which is fine and dandy."
    Posted by LIFEINVADER on "September 2" by LIFEINVADER
  • "It's hard to recover once you gain consciousness of a well crafted lie. I can relate..."
    Posted by LIFEINVADER on "Why? " by Smiles
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