• "I strive to open my eyes everyday, I've never found the way, at least for now, of course, falling into our own defense mechanism works!... for a time, then, we are done. Valuable comment, thank you."
    Posted by LIFEINVADER on "Profanity" by LIFEINVADER
  • "I like how you write, it seems so sincere, concise, my writing is more abstract and sometimes I can't even make up what is going on, some pains are impossible to forget, nor can be healed, but hey, at least you can live to see the source of all your evil decay.."
    Posted by LIFEINVADER on "Whenever I’m With You." by murderedhearts_blood
  • "It's all about the balance, I think, to make us truly happy in the long run, drama and completeness go hand-in-hand. Thank you for the read friend."
    Posted by LIFEINVADER on "You" by LIFEINVADER
  • "Thank you friend, yes, and we have some power to tip the scales from time to time."
    Posted by LIFEINVADER on "Evil" by LIFEINVADER
  • "Powerful, I can relate on sometimes being trapped, in my own mind mostly, which is hard to break, how could you ask for help to your own captor anyway. Great write, I hope there is a follow up."
    Posted by LIFEINVADER on "Hostage" by JensGoneMad
  • "Ah, love, isn't it the only thing we strive to have? Why though? Because love ensures happiness? But.. to achieve it one must be in pain, to know that you are in love... Maybe we just find new ways to break ourselves... I digress, I like your writing, neat style, thank you."
    Posted by LIFEINVADER on "Stories from a Caregiver" by JustAnEarlyBird
  • "Life on a fixed road is no life at all, turning into the unknown ensures pain, if you embrace it, the finish line might be better, or, be life itself. Great write."
    Posted by LIFEINVADER on "A Decision" by JustAnEarlyBird
  • "Thank you, friend. I can't help but always think the "what if" of everything in life, sometimes it can be a burden indeed. I'm glad you enjoyed the read."
    Posted by LIFEINVADER on "Genuflection" by LIFEINVADER
  • "Thank you friend, and its even harder when that ghost is no other, but yourself."
    Posted by LIFEINVADER on "Rose" by LIFEINVADER
  • "Thank you, friend, being a shell of oneself hurts the most when you know you were so full before, the nostalgic idea is unnerving."
    Posted by LIFEINVADER on "Alive" by LIFEINVADER
  • "Yes I believe the most difficult part of everything is calling out for help, it still is. Thank you for the read, friend."
    Posted by LIFEINVADER on "Alive" by LIFEINVADER
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