Comments by Flavorless

  • "thank you 13, I appreciate your advice. i just wish it was as easy as it sounds, to just stop caring. thank you again, friend.~"
    Posted by Flavorless on "careful observer." by Flavorless
  • "what a way to beautifully tangle languages together, very strong write, keep at it my friend~"
    Posted by Flavorless on "ai." by Purposelessness
  • "thank you for reading, I hope you find what you're looking for in life my friend"
    Posted by Flavorless on "liars." by Flavorless
  • "you just lifted a huge weight off of my chest. thank you. your words mean too much for me to describe.. I hope you can learn to love your "biology," as your body and mind are the only ones you'll ever get. post again soon!~"
    Posted by Flavorless on "intimacy." by Flavorless
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