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Warning content considered by author to be possibly both edgy and cringe to audience. Readers discretion advised.

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Poetry (Love)2019-09-19Missing you
Poetry (Depressed)2019-09-21I am a bouncy ball
Poetry (Depressed)2019-09-21Mania
Poetry (Depressed)2019-09-24Stuck in a Psych Ward
Poetry (Love)2019-09-24Rose
Poetry (Love)2019-09-25Smile in Sadness
Poetry 2019-09-28How to Ash a Cigarette
Poetry (Love)2019-09-28I'm sorry for what I've turned you into
Poetry 2019-10-18Vices
Poetry 2019-11-0717 stitches
Poetry 2019-11-11Self Corrosion
Poetry 2019-11-23Hard Eye's
Poetry 2019-12-04Existential Insects
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