Hard Eye's

By CryMeaRiver

Hard eyes 
how did you get that way
what days 
made your eyes turn grey 
your pupils corse 
your veins run black
your look could give a man 
a heart attack 

What has withered your grain 
to make you so 
hard and suppled 
like the blistering wind blows 
what circomstances withered 
you down to the nub
that once you looked 
like a fresh springs bud 

Was it mans wicked trance 
or powers cruel intent 
was it the devils dance
or incredulous lament 
was it deaths due notice 
or lifes cruel fate 
was it illnesses sufferings
or love, alas, too late 

What ever it may be 
it's sad to see eyss so
grey as storm clouds 
slushy as city snow 

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Copyright 2019 CryMeaRiver
Published on Saturday, November 23, 2019.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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