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I have bios in a few places such as at:

Visit the site to find a lot of my work/books/music etc...

As for my poetry here there's a decent amount and site isn't letting me post anymore :( Also some might not be seen cause they are dark and even on a darkpoetry site censorship is dominate..?..

otherwise theres some of the same and stuff that not located:

imortalone's Works

Poetry (Non-Fiction)2014-02-19awayism
Poetry (Love)2014-10-25forever wrote on a picture
Poetry (Comedy)2014-10-25scared of meat
Poetry (Philosophical)2015-05-26Toxic Troll
Lyrics (Personal)0000-00-00Musically Slaughtered
Poetry (Philosophical)2018-01-01Duku Experimental Tracks Meaning #2 & #3
Poetry 2019-10-01Always need more sound waves - imortalone
Poetry (Horror)2020-10-31Wheres the Wolfs? - imortalone
Poetry (Philosophical)2021-10-03sleep consciousness and death - Professor Prestome Ungyobrock
Rant (Personal)2013-09-24Hardly about Appearance
Short Story (Love)2013-09-24Pointless Move
Poetry (Structured)2013-09-24Twitch and nut seeds
Short Story (Ironic)2013-09-24Apprentice Seamstress
Rant (Depressed)2013-09-24Blah Nag this is a dislike
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