sleep consciousness and death - Professor Prestome Ungyobrock

By imortalone

A few moments of consciousness, occur like breaths.
A brief opening of consciousness, from unconsciousness.
Both moments are of importance, like inhale and exhale.
Unconsciousness is sleep, you can’t be awake without it.
A few moments of consciousness occur between death.
A person’s true self dies when their consciousness dies.
Sometimes the true self of one dies before their body dies.
What’s death is dead, thus there’s nothing conscious left.
A few moments of freaking out around death is too much.
Most people lose their fucking minds, when seeing the dying.
If ones mind is lost, perhaps they should just go unconscious.
Sleep is near death, but in death memory is totally dead.
A few moments of empty, and instant sleep is similar to death.
When you have zero gains in; thoughts, experience, and movement.
Ash from a body, and Ash from leaves, another death today.
Are you asleep, conscious, or dead? That’s it just 3-tres/san.
A few moments of accumulated thoughts grow the brain.
Dead memories relate to what’s forgotten in self or others.
Mass amounts of accumulated dead memories is Alzheimers.
‘Functioning thought is broken up’, a broken body hasn’t thought.

Death and the Ending of Consciousness. J. Krishnamurti. Videos. 1974.

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Copyright 2021 imortalone
Published on Sunday, October 3, 2021.     Filed under: "Philosophical" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Is a dark and real poem created in Oct 2021.. It is my 8th post for the article series; The Importance of Sleep and it's Effectiveness of Humans.
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