Comments by The Crimson Queen

  • "When I think of you, I smile because I remember all the things we used to do together. You will always be the best friend I ever had Jena, and everything you touch turns into gold."
    Posted by The Crimson Queen on "Truth writing" by to love a psycho
  • "You close your eyes and never look to see..that there is love pouring from my soul just for you. I know how much you crave to be held and loved by a lover, but do not give up your hopes now.. because love will find it's way into your heart."
    Posted by The Crimson Queen on "loveless invisibility" by to love a psycho
  • ""the unknown combination not yet found to the closed door the vault of hidden secrets" Fantastic little bit there, loved it. You pour your feelings out like magic, and you always put something amazing to read before my eyes. Thank you for sharing Jena."
    Posted by The Crimson Queen on "herd the truth" by to love a psycho
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