Comments by Livingdeadgirl

  • "I understand what you're saying. But even so no one asked to be born so life really isn't a choice. It's forced upon us. And as for thinking of others and their struggles? Pretty much that's a copout "you think you're in pain but there is always someone with it worse off than you so your pain is insignificant". When you hurt why would you want to think of how others suffer in their ways? You can't compare pains and struggles because everyone takes to them differently. "
    Posted by Livingdeadgirl on "If you wish to die..." by Allen
  • "very well used rhyme, and thank you for posting. it felt like i was there, feeling the pain and sadness. sorry you felt like this enough to write, but always good to write how you feel. very good job 10/10"
    Posted by Livingdeadgirl on "She Left" by SirEnders
  • "i love your references from wonderland to government, and i don't know if you were trying to show it like a circus act in the beginning, but that was really awesome, brilliant write!"
    Posted by Livingdeadgirl on "Twisted Wonderland" by Mad Hatter
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