Comments by Poe Etiquette

  • "really loved the existential tone, whether on purpose or by accident of this piece. also the metaphor throughout. beautiful parallels of indescribable sentiments to natural phenomena"
    Posted by Poe Etiquette on "Catharsis. " by Dei
  • "thats a high compliment, indeed. and a shakespearian tone, is never a miss, by my count, so that also is appreciated. thanks so much for taking the time to read both pieces "
    Posted by Poe Etiquette on "O Sleeper, Arise" by Poe Etiquette
  • ""A flow of gothic fusion, refusing the lull of that to reuse it." ha. loved that. for some reason the flow and style brought to mind, Red Hot Chili Peppers. im sure this wasnt about them but it sounded like the way their music is written. thanks"
    Posted by Poe Etiquette on "Indulgence" by Alchemist
  • "really loved the allusion to the Raven in your style and structure. but appreciated that it was an allusion in style only. as to the content, i greatly appreciated the uniquness and rythmic metaphisical truths of some past event or thought, entwined so acutely. though it was an abstract sense, it followed a logical vein and reached definite conclusions, i fell. thakns for the read. distant stars/resistant scars was my favorite stanza"
    Posted by Poe Etiquette on "Curseverance" by Alchemist
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