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I often sit alone thinking about what to write. Each style of my writing, has its on distinct flavor or theme if you will. My poetry is usually very dark and depressing, my quotes are about love, faith, understanding and sometimes anger. My short stories are A mix of everything. From suicide, pain, sex , love , murder. etc. Often I am asked, how do I come up with some of the things I write about. The answer is simple. I write about my experiences, or what I've gone through in my past.
One of my favorite authors is Stephen King. When I was a young teenager. I read The Shining. I was so pulled in by the way he writes, it feels like I'm there watching the story unfold. So when I started writing I decided that, that was how I wanted to write. I wanted to pull the reader in. Offer as much detail as I possibly can. From sights and sounds, to smells and feelings. I want the reader to see what I see in my stories. I want the reader to feel what I feel in my poetry. In my erotic stories and scenes, I want the reader to think to them selves. "Wow now that is something I want to try."
I have so many thoughts running through my head on a daily basis it's hard to focus if I don't get them out. I find that writing gives me a peace, a stillness that's not usually there. When I'm writing I try to project myself into the scene and capture each detail. For example. If I'm writing about a woman in a park. I picture her on a wooden bench, a live oak tree, her hands folded softly in her lap. I picture the lines of her face,, the color and texture of her hair. I try to figure out what she is feeling. Is she sad? Happy? Is she Lonely? I'll picture the color of the grass, the smell of the season. I I imagine it like I'm watching a movie.
In short, I do not write solely for myself. I write for the reader. It is often said that a person will curl up with a good book when they want to take a break from reality. I want to bring them to an alternate reality. One where the can escape from the stresses of life.

Jay Dumas's Works

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