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My name is Tyler Dodge, and I am an aspiring author, an amateur (metal) vocalist, and gamer. I am 27 years old.

The lyrics I write aren't pretty, nor is my poetry. I don't try to write flowery verses, and inject sunshine into my poems. I am not that kind of writer, and so that is why I have chosen this site as the platform to which I publish my minor works. I have a lot more projects than what you might see here, but they are also a lot larger and thus they are being kept secret until they are ready to be published.

I take inspiration from J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert Jordan, Christopher Paolini, and many more fantasy authors. I am quite fond of Warhammer fantasy for the bleak and grim world it takes place in, but also enjoy the much more Celtic inspired world of Middle Earth. I enjoy nearly anything Celtic, really, as that is my heritage. I can trace my ancestry back to the Britons, Gauls, and the Saxons of old. Irishmen and Scots. Gaels, and Britons. I even have a wee bit of Scandinavian in me, with traces of dutch, danish, and Norwegian peoples in odd branches on my family tree. I take pride in my heritage, and am inspired by it.

Music is a major part of my life. It has actually saved my life on occasion, when dark, insipid dreams of my own death seeped into every facet of my daily life. I had even attempted my own suicide once, but failed, as I didn't swallow enough of my prescription medication, and woke up to see the next morning. My Lyrics, Forsaken, which have been published here, was intended to be my suicide letter. I keep it with me to remind myself of what a foolish mistake I nearly made, and to never attempt it again. Ever since, music has been a major factor in keeping me sane, and anchored to this life. Metal music in particular, has managed to ignite my passion, and convinced me to stick around a while longer.

The Talking Wolf-Cat's Works

Lyrics (Depressed)2014-10-02Forsaken
Lyrics (Reflective)2014-10-12Fall From Grace
Lyrics (Fiction)2014-12-18Rudolph the Bad Ass Reindeer
Poetry (Tribute)2014-12-22Comrades
Poetry (Philosophical)2015-03-06Value
Poetry (Personal)2015-03-11Actions
Poetry (Philosophical)2015-03-27Life
Lyrics (Fiction)2015-04-24Under His Banner We March
Lyrics (Rage)2015-06-08I Am Your God
Poetry 2016-06-18Justice
Poetry 2017-01-30Stardust
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