Hello there my little sausage.
The Dark Poems I like to write are based on concepts rather than emotions.
Some are quite silly and humorous, others are just down-right disturbing if I'm being honest.

Here are a few select insults and putdowns of my creation, feel free to use them in real life when needed:

'What's the difference between you and Rain Man? - Rain Man could count.'

'You couldn't organize a yawn in an Opera house!'

'I hope your funeral isn't posthumous!'

'I would actually piss on you if you were on fire. But I would be avoiding the fiery bits.'

'I would say that people like you make me projectile vomit, but I doubt you're capable of something that cool.'

'I would call you a c*cksucker but that would imply you had a use.'

'I bet you give blowjobs through a straw.'

'The next time we're having a conversation, why don't you let me do the talking.'

'Do penises sometimes draw pictures of you?'
I have another but it is so f*cked up, I'd rather keep it for myself

WeepAnEvilLaugh's Works

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