By vengeance23

Open your mouth let me in choking, back tears gagged
to no end. hands taped behind I will take you any way
I LIKE. There is no meaning of regret when i split those ,milk
white thighs, you are every thing i made you. Soc paths never
cry but rage and sex, is my primal instincts. To the rack with you
dog collars have more uses then Lassie, walk with me, hands and knees
BITCH. slave and master such a trust is a must.
eyes smeared black welts of teachings and moans of pain equal
release, hands cuffed know on the X of lust choices are giving whips. paddle
cat of tails I drag across your perched up ass. candle wax dripped down your spine followed by a kiss on the neck, I whisper as you shake in anticipation of
(what comes next) draw back tails raise your skin all
your worries turn to xtc, another lash, you scream ( you are my suicide queen).
another lash you moan i see smiles, turn this up from 7 to 10. another round of pain, choke collar time. hands and knees BITCH, I walk you to the red silk sheets and candle lit chamber, (HANDS TO THE POST, GRIP THE FUCKING POST, OPEN YOUR FUCKING LEGS NOW!!) tied up, my face buried you soak the sheets, as I choke and release, lick and receive, you are my every thing my sexy suicide SnM, queen. The point we've both been waiting for me inside of you.Time  to see another  side of me,  hands untied you rip your nails across my back,gripped in passion you roll me over your on top. A kiss of death, choking me,  I gasp you laugh.  your hands grip and push in, to the brink of passing cold, stars and tingles you release, A bond and taught skill, so neither of us end up choking dust, as you tighten up on me, I know its time, we both grip tight, and stars never seamed so close, you collapse and shake. until we meet again, close the chamber door.

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Copyright 2011 vengeance23
Published on Wednesday, June 15, 2011.     Filed under: "Fantasy" and "Rant"

Author's Note:

Sex. violence, love
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  • pureevil8 On Thursday, June 16, 2011, pureevil8 (62)By person wrote:

    Simply outstanding.

  • Devilish On Thursday, June 16, 2011, Devilish (3759)By person wrote:

    OOOH MY FUCKIN GOD!!! Dam it!!! Wow... um ... shit what can possibly be said to follow that... Hell yeah Scholar

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