Dance for Eternity. "Reproductive Hazard."

By pushblood

As I sit, beside this cold coffin,
Motionless and weak,
Completely defeated,
I peek into the casket, to see the smile the mortician thought you should have.

To my knees I drop.
Hands over my head like a shield,
Rocking back and forth, angry tears pour from my destroyed eyes.

The mind stirs.
"Your not gone, you’re not dead.
You can’t leave me. No! Not yet."
Too many dreams, too many memories,
Our life together was not complete.
I need you more than ever to get through this.
Your hot flesh wrap into one with mine.
Taking away each others misgivings in life,
Looking at me with your innocent green eye's,
And your incredibly happy smiles,
Even in my darkest days you would bring me to life.

"Hi baby"
With that smile, is all you ever had to say.
In that split second my anger was washed away.

You have my heart, I gave you my soul.
Neither meant any thing till you joined my world.
Nights and Days, our love grew to impossible lengths.
Fantasies and imaginations that only few might have the joy of ever knowing,
Together hand in hand with the ocean by our side.

"Oh MY GOD!!!"
"Holy Shit!"
"NO NO NO NO!!!"
"You’re not gone!"
"You’re not dead!
"I can't believe you’re gone!!!"
"Please don’t leave me."
"Please baby.”

Wait for me my love.
Time will take my last breath.
And soon our souls will dance for eternity, ocean side.

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© 2008 pushblood
Published on Wednesday, March 19, 2008.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "Dance for Eternity. "Reproductive Hazard.""

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  • idiosyncratic On Thursday, April 1, 2010, idiosyncratic (131)By person wrote:

    i almost cried. that is a very high compliment from me

  • Echoes of Orpheus On Wednesday, March 19, 2008, Echoes of Orpheus (385)By person wrote:

    Thanks for the hazard sign upon entering, unfortunately I entered anyways and had my heart scraped at by your words. This emotion runs deep and true in your heart I feel, this piece spoke volumes to me though I feel nothing near the amount you put into writing it. Emotions running strait from where it matters, I loved this piece. Such a sad and yet romantic image, as I aim for often. Excellent work *salutes*

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