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  • "Thank you!! Such high praise! If it felt personal and like you were invading my private thoughts, then It came out how I felt it and there's no better way (: I hate to admit how loud me ego boomed when I read this comment, but man, did it did boom. "
    Posted by JustAnEarlyBird on "A Liars Truth" by JustAnEarlyBird
  • "Fickle is such a underwhelming word to describe how contradictory the human heart is. Sigh. But it is fickle. How can it go back and forth this much? Why must we always be at war with our own mind, heart, spirit? Thanks for commenting, I truly appreciate the feedback. "
    Posted by JustAnEarlyBird on "A Liars Truth" by JustAnEarlyBird
  • "Thank you so much ?? I wrote this as I was painting. I'm proud of both works- while also feeling encaged every time I look @ either. Ahaha."
    Posted by JustAnEarlyBird on "You're Mine" by JustAnEarlyBird
  • "It's amazing how those same parents that torment us, gaslight us, make us feel crazy and like the problem, are always the ones quick to react explosively over nothing. To blame and play the victim, then corner us and attack us over the way our eyes hit theirs. I'm glad you made your way away from that mess. Great read. I hope the venting helped sort through the rubble."
    Posted by JustAnEarlyBird on "i don’t title my emotions" by Candy Cain
  • "I appreciate it~ I honestly did not have anyone in mind, to be honest, I don't even remember what inspired this but whatever did or whoever I had in mind while subconsciously writing this, I thank them as well."
    Posted by LittleMissScareAll on "Little Drummer Boy" by LittleMissScareAll
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