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  • "This was very touching and relatable, I wander in and out of this place and every time I leave for a extended time I see less of the people I knew but I hope Saint Ebb hears and remembers you, beautiful write made me cry : ) : ("
    Posted by happilydepressed on "letter to saint ebb..." by Nixx
  • "This is a really tight piece, we think everyone has something from a previous relationship. They choose to keep these mementos of their past pains or good times. This say you chose to severe these memories, a pat on the back to you"
    Posted by I IS ME on "Ghosted" by Quietus
  • "Brought to the brink of reconnecting with reality, only to let it slip away again. Truly a sad piece of reality"
    Posted by I IS ME on "ColorBlind" by JensGoneMad
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