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  • "A commanding rhyme, with sharp corners and a sudden drop. Reading this, I had to mind the step."
    Posted by Skye on "...Somber" by SolApathy
  • "Easy relaxed flow but with incisive content. Excellent stuff"
    Posted by Adagios on "PTSD" by Zeppy94
  • "Dearly appreciate this flow pattern and message. Thanks for sharing."
    Posted by Syncretism on "PTSD" by Zeppy94
  • "If my memory does not fail me (which it often does), you too have been here for quite some time now. Im glad to recognise a name. Better yet, this piece felt familiar. It seems to resonate with parts of me I try to keep in their compartments. Great write, thank you for sharing. "
    Posted by Syncretism on "Midnight Residue" by Midnight_Toker
  • "Can't get enough of this piece. And that punchline ending that caps a firecracker to the brilliant conversational tone of the entire poem. Proper love it, I do :)"
    Posted by carlosjackal on "For Jack" by ForestWolf
  • "A vivid scene within a larger scene. The thick air was palpable, the feeling tangible. I seriously hope you make a return to DP :)"
    Posted by carlosjackal on "goat" by ForestWolf
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