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  • "trust is so fucking necessary yet so evil in its self. lies are like the air. we all breathe them at some point and sometimes choke."
    Posted by sadistic intent hex on "Lie to Me" by Quietus
  • "I mean... I think it was quite positive, all in all... Given the theme... as in, you've found a way to channel your pain in a creative and well-versed fashion, so you're in touch enough to understand it... In order to elucidate upon this... And I am grateful you have somewhere to do such... you don't quite realise how many lives you touch for the better... You could be that one thing that alters another's mind... A lot of people feel alone... the etymology of which being... All One... I love that there are those of you here that offered a hand or an ear... beautiful... Thankyou, kindly for your poem. Much Love. "
    Posted by MistyMilkyways on "Warm Embrace" by Hate Everyone
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