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Oh how beautiful it is, the way it trickles down, you see the way it lands in puddles, so softly on the ground.

Why is it you can't see it, are you so blind and wrong?

It's been falling for an eternity, falling for so long.

The bark is now a darkened stream, of colorless life and hate

we must save it, we must wipe it clean, before it grows to late.

You still don't see it, then open your eyes, maybe your not looking hard enough

It falls so far down, it falls from the leaves, so far up above.

Don't you hear my screams, of gore and pain, i'm covered in it all.

you can't see it, you can't feel it? Your struck with this feeling..your insane

-daniel woodworth

Wow... okay yeah I can see how there would be some confusion. This is something beautiful one of my friends wrote I am not a guy. Sorry about that. Enjoy.

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