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EVERYTHING SUCKS. Most of the time.
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Lyrics (Hillbilly)2012-01-20Empty Channel (Fuck)
Lyrics (Hillbilly)2012-01-20I'm not a Doctor
Lyrics (Hillbilly)2011-10-12Hell To Pay
Lyrics (Hillbilly)2011-10-112 Things. Literally.
Lyrics (Hillbilly)2011-08-14Slip Away
Lyrics (Hillbilly)2011-07-19Gear Down Big Rig
Lyrics (Hillbilly)2011-07-15Make Me Die
Lyrics (Hillbilly)2009-10-03Knew You
Other (Reflective)2009-07-12I know the words but I can't speak
Lyrics (Hillbilly)2009-07-07Punch You In The Face
Lyrics (Hillbilly)2009-06-16Walking Toxic
Poetry (Hillbilly)2009-06-05Mind and Matter
Poetry (Hillbilly)2009-05-19Fuck you, you fucking fuck. You suck.
Lyrics (Hillbilly)2009-05-17If I Had A Gun, I Would Use It.
Lyrics (Hillbilly)2006-07-02Speed Demon
Lyrics (Hillbilly)2005-05-01Cocaine and Cigarettes
Lyrics (Hillbilly)2006-06-29Eat Shit and Die
Lyrics (Hillbilly)2008-10-19Broken Bridges
Lyrics (Hillbilly)2007-02-14Have Mercy
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