​Millennial Agony

By Shikiryu

We're children of peace, 
Our parents have already fought the big wars, 
The Dark Lord has been vanquished never to return, 
Is that why we're so lost? 
We struggle to find ourselves in a time when we should be more connected than ever. 
Never has man been so alone. 

Does this struggle illuminate the true purpose of life?
When the struggle for survival is internalised,. When subjectivity is the real truth
What can be left but despair?

A queer ache of the heart, 
The knowledge I'll fade,
That one day, 
If I'm extraordinary, 
I'll be a footnote in history,
The first squad to win the Fortnite World Championship,
Hand in hand with the Armies of Alexander the Great. 

For time is the true enemy of man really, 
An insidious old geezer, 
Ever present. 
Ever moving..
All powerful. 

Time humbles all, 
God unto itself 
For time cares not for the end of the story,
Nor trials endured,. 
Battles won… 
All wither in the relentless trod of time. 

Millennial agony.

In this age of the now, is it any wonder my soul fears dissolution?
Knowledge of its surety haunts each lonely joint, 
Each sorrowful pint. 
Shamefully taken,
Ethereal threads weave a practiced web… 
Tekel, Upharsin - 
Me who I should be. 
Forgive me mother. 

Millennial Agony

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Copyright 2019 Shikiryu
Published on Saturday, August 3, 2019.     Filed under: "Philosophical" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

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