The Diamond on the Pendant (An Elegy)

By SummonerOfShadows666



(To RL, a close friend, a fellow acolyte who takes his job seriously)



I didn't tell the clouds to wake me,


                               To your path I cannot stroll nor walk.


        To contemplate grief without sorrow -


                         The horrible news,


                  This Happiness' arrest,


                       'tis like a haze on a winter dawn,


                   Like a plane caught in a thunderstorm.


I do not know how a blaze,


                          Consumes a pendant of diamond.


         To lose someone dearly is to remember,


                  Each gem in its suspended connection.


                  And how you lost it; it is for nobody to blame


          No one but fate, that thing I loathe


                              And have lamented your mother well, I suppose


To think I have not wept enough,


                                       I hope you, whoever reads this, feels the same


          Like the clashing ripples on the stormy sea,


                                My tears, albeit nonexistent, lies in your thoughts, too.


                    I hope your faith grows stronger with every blow,


                          And every struggle, just remember


                               You didn't lose a diamond -


                                           If you believe it's out there in the blue.


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Copyright 2015 SummonerOfShadows666
Published on Monday, December 7, 2015.     Filed under: "Personal" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

A mother of a close friend of mine passed away this morning. I had to write this, since I had no other way of expressing my sorrow.
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  • soul_versing On Tuesday, December 8, 2015, soul_versing (959)By person wrote:

    You have a beautiful mind the way you've expressed your deepest condolences. .bows head in a moment of silence. Happy writings and, -Do write on! Scholar

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