Between Heads and Tails

By Peyton1

Let me take you on a journey.......with me......and I'll tell you what I see!!

"Between Heads and Tails"


What happened? Where am I? What the hell is this aweful place?
Perhaps inside the last question, lies its own answer, my mind begins to race.

This strange darkness flowing around me, of overbearing sorrow and sadness;
Might suggest of itself a horrid conclusion, or have I become taken by madness?

Perceptions altered, I don't know if it's cold or hot, whether it's day or night;
I no longer can trust my senses, for they only would leave me affright.

Try to stay calm, try to think, surely there's a logical explanation;
Or was that path TRULY destruction? And I plunged headlong without hesitation.

This darkest side of reality, was to see it a deeply hidden desire?
Even to gaze briefly upon THIS realm, is to certainly be burned by its fire!

Pain from the burn might be welcomed, a long time now since I could feel;
But this pain is different, not quite right, somehow just seems....ALMOST real.

I stare into the swirling darkness, afar off, a flicker of light;
Has my mind succumbed to trickery? Or would this be second sight?

A faint echo, her whisper beckons, "You must come this way" she said;
Slowly now I begin to move forward, though unable to see what lies ahead.

The flicker of light becomes eerie glow, now a glimpse into where I must travel;
Appears a wasteland between worlds, where even time itself would unravel.

Vision through my eyes this moment, FAR too astonishing for most;
Of the sights you would behold, I promise you'd wish not to play host.

A difficult task to describe it, in a manner one could comprehend;
For if I tell what I see exactly, the mind so frail would never mend!

A tiny morsel then will suffice, an ever so brief description;
Taking care to only reveal a portion, prelude to a MOST terrifying depiction.

The path lay narrow, twisted and broken, a vast abyss it is with entwined;
The sounds that emanate, would to plague my ears, as they equally torment my mind.

I peer cautiously over the edge, as my steps draw me nearer the side;
The creatures here nefarious, vile and unearthly, my eyes wish forever to hide!

Thier noxious stench renders my stomach devoid, after seering its way through my nostrils;
In forbidden tales have I heard such a plight, of beings that dwell in Satan's brothels.

How did I get to this place? That old woman maybe, with her coins and card tricks?
She said I would be taking a journey, I was thinking Hawaii, Disney, or even a quick fix.

Heads or tails you call when a coin is flipped, but that's only two options of three...
I called "the edge", trying to be funny, I see now that option's not free.

A passage between the two sides has been opened, by my OWN world I am now forsaken;
Don't gaze into it as the coin rolls away, or YOU may become the next one taken!!

To Be Continued.....

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Copyright 2014 Peyton1
Published on Monday, April 6, 2015.     Filed under: "Fantasy" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Part 1...
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