The Sacred Tree

By The_Broken_Fox_2112

Once upon a time I felt alone
Like no one wanted me
Like I wasn't deserving of love
I felt scared and sheepish
Never wanting the world to get in
I built walls to keep you out
Because you were sick
Toxic and infectious
But somehow you wormed your way in
Slinked into the hollow of my being
I have been stuck in place
Rooted to pain so deeply
My energy turned black
And I wilted
I am broken because I allowed
Other people to beat me down
Tear me down one feeling at a time
One favor at a time
I never stood tall
But I was strong in my weakness
In spite of the world
In spite of their taking and wanting
Wanting and taking
Of my fruits
I was me
Giving where I was asked
And never the worse for it
But you
You never asked
I gave you my leaves
So that you could take shade
That you could open your eyes
To the wonders of the world
I gave you my branches
That you may house your love
That you may see beyond my sickness
That you may build yourself again
And help me move again
I gave you my bark
That you may grow a garden
Resplendent and pure
That you may cultivate in the beauty
The color of flowers
The sweetness of petals
Take the cool pitter patter of rain
And keep it close to your heart
But you...
You cut me down
You betrayed me
And took what I stood for
When you took my love
And dashed it
As I fell to my knees
I furnished the pedestal
To uphold the love I would never see
And when I was nothing but a stump
Gnarled and trodden
Weak and dying
I saw that you were tired
And told you it's okay to sit
I was in pain
The look in your eye was so soft
When you left
You said good bye
And the clouds cried for me
They must have
Because I was gone by then
I never said a word
Because dead things
Never learn to talk

But I wasn't gone
I was just dormant
Numb and beside myself
The seedling of my power
Was hiding in my roots
Unscathed by the destruction
Ripping everything I was
Until all I had left was the one
The one seed of myself
I lifted the seed
I whispered to the wind
And it must have heard
Because soon even my wish
Dancing on a will-o-wisp
Was gone
I found that place
Where darkness and heartache
The cataclysm of infected injury
Penitent penury that wasn't mine to sow
Gathered and claimed my will
But from the seedling
The piece of my soul that stayed
I grew again
And as others began to rain
Rain their love of me
I flourished
I blossomed
And for the first time
Since birth
The fruits of my passion
Were finally sown
Now all I want
All I can see to do
Is move again
I am a being of the earth
Grown and cared for
By the world
I am cupped in the hands
Of all the good of the world
I don't need a church
When I have the grass
The sky
The wind
I don't need a priest
When I have friends
And family
And perpetual love
Of myself
And faith in the progression
Of humanity
Of self
Of you
I want for nothing
Because I have everything I could need
And what I don't have
I can obviously live without
The winds of change
Constantly blow
But I don't have to be afraid anymore
I can sway with them
And dance

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Copyright 2014 The_Broken_Fox_2112
Published on Saturday, May 17, 2014.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

The farther I get into my research the more I come to be aware that we each are our own divinities, our own sacred trees and our own gods. We are all co creators at work. It is a scary and beautiful thing.
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Comments on "The Sacred Tree"

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  • blue angel On Monday, May 19, 2014, blue angel (1115)By person wrote:

    thy poems breeze stimulates my leaves to flutter lavishly..beautiful and powerfully scribed. I much love it. Peace to you, and stand strong always. :)

  • A former member wrote: i try so hard to be poetic, to pen sacred, special words that only i can comprehend...and here you come with your simple breeze, your grass, your sky and your profound depths of accepting all responsibility as yours, admitting the pain that you have allowed yourself and acknowledged that it is all a part of the whole. You refuse to lay down your light, Creature of the Path, you hold it even when the dark gets so so dark, for it is but a passing phase and you take that into consideration as you move on, forever spiraling into the void of What's To Come....It's been so long since i've been here, and to Wardruna's Runaljod, Yggdrasil i come and find you...Friend... you've spoken of my soul, you've simplified my complications one by one. i am more for having read this...omfavne mørket, omfavne lyset

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