Feminism Died Today

By physicalgraffiti

I watched her;
I saw him.
but still, i remained in the concealed safety of my car.
and i viewed them,
like a bad high school anti-drug film,
as he screamed the sweet nothings of joplin, MO in her face
she was trapped,
like a rabid dogs last prey.
hoping to god no one would see her husband abuse her in the street.

But not for her own protection,
but for her husbands.
What a sad day for feminism.

So she walked away, without a word, wishing they didn't live on Main Street, the busiest street in town on a friday night.
but it didn't matter.
most of the people that passed them by were drunken teenagers looking for a good lay for the night.
Stay in the open, i begged her silently.
Safety in public.
But she didn't hear my quiet montrah,
and began walking to their shitty apartment above the old tattoo parlor.
And though she was so utterly white trash,
and though she was scared for the safety of her body,
she traveled with a type of dignity and grace that one only sees once in a lifetime.
I knew what she was thinking.
"He loves me, he's only drunk...again."
"It will be over soon, just wait for him to pass out."
"it's the only way"
it was almost like she knew,
that his behavior was simply the penial condition.
no change,
no matter what man.
Why god, i curse the creator, would you allow such shit to happen?
but it was worthless, praying.
i felt like i was talking to the ceiling.
I watch her walk swiftly to her dungeon,
awaiting the stumbling arrival of her husband.
fists clenched,
teeth grinding,
alcohol stained on his breath.
exactly what was in store for her.
but at least,
this time,
it was in private.

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Copyright 2005 physicalgraffiti
Published on Saturday, July 9, 2005.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "Feminism Died Today"

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  • A former member wrote: this gave me a headache. the memories and oh ow, there goes the rocks again. how touching this is. ^_^

  • Carmina Gitana On Wednesday, February 27, 2008, Carmina Gitana (159)By person wrote:

    It's rare to see a poem that does something that has been done so much before and still manages to evoke emotion. I really like the tone of this - not overly sentimental, yet obviously not detached. Hits some really strong notes.

  • Mari On Friday, December 7, 2007, Mari (427)By person wrote:

    she probably would have went back to him anyway. the girl has problems. i dont think she's weak. i think she's confused, misguided, has a poor self image, or any number of issues. it could have started in her childhood. she could have been beaten her whole life. poor thing. :(

  • A former member wrote: Feel not sorry for those who allow themselves to be abused. I don't. Life is a swirling conundrum of choices. If you make the wrong ones it's your own fault. Weakness of this sort deserves no sympathy.....I'm a dick. Whatever.

  • A former member wrote: though I hated the subject, I can't help but thank you for writing about it... I could say a million things about society, but I'm just glad that she wont be forgotten... perhaps someday women like her will be seen as a symbol and reason to move forward

  • physicalgraffiti On Tuesday, July 11, 2006, physicalgraffiti (58)By person wrote:

    S R Parke; i've been in that situation...and sadly...no one i called and nothing i did would have helped

  • A former member wrote: This was brutal and good. I just have one question. You watched. Why didn't you bother to leave your car, pick up a phone and call the cops? Occasionally, it saves a life or two.

  • Mari On Monday, May 29, 2006, Mari (427)By person wrote:

    knock his fucking brains out what a dickhead

  • elisa On Friday, August 26, 2005, elisa (1643)By person wrote:

    what's left once the 'feminine nature' has been beaten and humiliated out of women will be left for the men to contend with....well said

  • Liz On Friday, August 26, 2005, Liz (272)By person wrote:

    Just wanted to leave my mark behind. "I was here, I read, I felt, thank you."

  • Full blame On Saturday, July 9, 2005, Full blame (28)By person wrote:

    this is clear and smooth read... there are many genuine reasons that women stay in relationships like these, varying from denial like you mentioned, as well as fear, pity, gender roles, shame, etc. good write

  • Ablebody Peckawood On Saturday, July 9, 2005, Ablebody Peckawood (38)By person wrote:

    This is a good poem it reminds me of one of my poems Domestic Violence the Broken Promise.

  • down-sx-ft On Saturday, July 9, 2005, down-sx-ft (46)By person wrote:

    it's sad that people actually do this shit too. Joplin huh?? I am from St.Charles... Great Write.

  • Delphoid-Q On Saturday, July 9, 2005, Delphoid-Q (217)By person wrote:

    I'm very impressed by the realism of this piece.

  • stormtalk On Saturday, July 9, 2005, stormtalk (735)By person wrote:

    Agreed, and well done... but I don't agree with the title; like any -ism, I think "feminism" implies that its practicers (women) are attempting to overcome their opponents (men).

  • stormtalk On Saturday, July 9, 2005, stormtalk (735)By person wrote:

    Fascists believe in fascism over other politics, racists believe in their race over others, and with the same logic, feminists believe in women over men. But disregarding my rambling, this is an excellent piece, and I hope to see more of your work.

  • stormtalk On Saturday, July 9, 2005, stormtalk (735)By person wrote:

    What died was that woman's self-respect (or maybe it was dead already), her independence, and maybe even her equality... such an interesting topic. We should chat sometime.

  • A former member wrote: I concur with all of phantasma's comments. This is a very interesting read. It really comes to life through your great attention to detail.

  • Six-Out On Friday, August 26, 2005, Six-Out (1483)By person wrote:

    I can only echo what is said here. This was brutal.

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