Comments by Delphoid-Q

  • "I'll always be around. The only thing that will vary with the years will be my level of activity ;)"
    Posted by Delphoid-Q on "Haikus" by Delphoid-Q
  • "in my studies; etc. Suffice it to say that Iíve been low on inspiration and time, meaning my diminished literary energy has been going into reading, not writing. Having said all this, know that I love dp and will always be a proud member."
    Posted by Delphoid-Q on "Haikus" by Delphoid-Q
  • "So much to say to this oneÖ I'm glad that my friends here still think of me and that I haven't disappeared completely from the dp radar. Itís been a tough past year or two, what with the move from South Africa to Australia (Melbourne); the escalation"
    Posted by Delphoid-Q on "Haikus" by Delphoid-Q
  • "Hehehe. She still teasing then? Anyhoo, i loved the poem; full of Gumpisms, those concise, simple statements that convey what most words cannot. Good to see one from you again."
    Posted by Delphoid-Q on "Our Love" by GreekPhilosopher
  • "This is particularly poignant for me since i just finished studying rape at med school. It is indeed sickening, and to think that in South Africa the stats are + 3x those of the US... It is a scary global problem."
    Posted by Delphoid-Q on "for shame" by KittyStryker
  • "Too few ppl criticise on this site for my liking, so I enjoy it when someone is honest and helps me improve. It refers to both the seaman and his comrades, btw..."
    Posted by Delphoid-Q on "Shore Side Reverie" by Delphoid-Q
  • "I'm not quite sure what to say to this as a LoTR purist... I think you have captured the essence of Arwen's character, though Tolkien did not tell us very much about her..."
    Posted by Delphoid-Q on "Arwen's Song" by Atalanta
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