My Name is X / ​"32^ΧΞ(F)ς^33"

By Sorrowful Jester


Destiny Chi(Χ)med (S)ix
Born during the year of the (F)orgotten
My lifeline (ς)ti(γ)matized twice
A simple stiγ(F)γma
Counting the years till I was born
Born during the years of
And De(s)pair
Psy(Ψ)che mixed or smeared
Injected into my soul
Seven used to be the number of my Psy(Ψ)che
But it was sold
Emotions emulated
Am I still human?
Or just a number?
Agelessness was granted
Humanity lost
The trade was made
Without ever asking for my consent
(S)oul for (ς)anity
Timeless restraints anchor my soul
Rearrange emotions
Fear was the first one to go
Anchored by those who love me
Hatred my savoir
Laugh at me
Hate me
Just don't make me stop
Walking with a lantern during the day
Searching for a needle in the hay
To inject my soul back to this carcass
I am the first fool, alas, hope is not lost
Poison o(ΞΧΞ)idizes my tethered chain
I'm almost there
Reached my contour length
I cannot dream, but when close my eyes
I see (6)chrodinger's (c)at
As it triangulates it's path moving two steps ahead of me
Clawing it's way on a lantern in broad daylight
Searching for a master
Psy(Ψ)che mixed or smeared
Commuting observables
Pointy and small
Degrees of freedom slowly c(7ψ7)onceded
Take my last bit of freedom
As I walk into the darkness
And (F)ree me
Let my chariot (F)ly
The mandate of heaven
Dictates me to stay alive
Once standing by the black queen
Walking the path of innocence
Now a pawn to fight over
Dead I will not entertain them
Looking for the riddle-master
Wh(Χ)(0)(ς) going to cut my (G)ordian (K)not
Before it becomes intangible
(0)nwards t(0) ^33^
Carry my cross
And I'll carry yours
P.S. Work in progress
P.S.2 May be fun for those who are into riddles, puzzles, arithmology ;)
P.S.3 Clues: #1 F is Digamma #2 ς / s / S is Stigma #3 F=ς/s/S=ΣΤ/στ=6 #4 Digamma means double Gamma #4 Gamma is the γ / G / (w)indow letter #5 So Digamma could be two γ / g / et cetera #6 Χ/X is Chi #7 ψ / c / psy / psi is the letter Psi.
P.S.4 I would love to read what on how you interpret things. I wrote it kind of hastily, but I'm pretty sure that almost everything makes sense, from the connection between the word "Destiny" / the number that follows it & my birth date & the word "Forgotten" >to> the way the cat moved & "path of innocence" / "walking into darkeness" (which are some of the wittiest parts of this). I even left hidden clues for the later, and if you find them, you'll make me very happy. (C)at of (6/ς)chrodinge, over and out ;)

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Copyright 2019 Sorrowful Jester
Published on Wednesday, July 10, 2019.     Filed under: "Spiritual" and "Poetry"
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